Wyoming 2008

The 2008 Wyoming rainbow gathering was held in the Bridger-Teton National Forest near the town of Pinedale. This Rainbow Family Circus & Tribal Zoo Wyoming 2008 addition includes 22 wonderful songs and poems recorded live and preserved in the raw. Shake a leg and rattle your bones…Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

In the spirit of this year’s collection I offer a poem that came to me as I reflected upon the passing of a friend a few days before I headed out to the gathering…

Time tested names that never grow old
Foot stomping dances and fast paced games
Crack the egg and put the pigs in the pen
It’s the blind mans bluff to ring-a-lievo

As a variety of confections pleases every taste
Let the sun and air preserve you
For it pays to be careful growing old
Sweet and savory ways to stash your fruit

In cold, moist air
One harvest, whole family
Year round we face to the east
Curing with salt to alter the waste

Strong and spirited hunters come and gather
A patchwork quilt that warms and waits
A braided rug transformed from the work of a day
Efforts made to survive all of life’s unexpected

Although the working horse pulls its weight
Domesticated necessity becomes a hobby
But who’s to say whether good or bad?
Especially coming courtesy from the old bossy

In cold, moist air
One harvest, whole family
Year round we face to the east
Curing with salt to alter the waste

Homemade as homemade anything
Hand cranked as hand cranked everything
Nothing is without a calloused thumbprint
So pass yourself easy and remember to rest

For big thoughts and big results think small
Cuz this is out of the ordinary sugar baby
A mammoth gold from garden to table
Like life like a seed going back to home

Keep the home fires burning
Keep the home fires burning
Keep the home fires burning…

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download the complete Wyoming recordings (ZIP) HERE

Donate to the project HERE.

01- Unknown/Harmony – Railroad/ABC 1.8 MB
02- Jeffery – Heroes 4.8 MB
03- Kansas City – Glory 1.2 MB
04 Chavan – Song For The Moon  3.0 MB
05- The Red Road – Tree  3.3 MB
06- Bracken – Cello Solo 2.0 MB
07- Steve – Watcha Gonna Do  4.0 MB
08- Jaris & Tahira – Ecstasy  3.5 MB
09- Miranda – Life Flourishes 1MB
10- JC – Hope  1MB
11- Human – Public Servant  4.8 MB
12- Mark – Zulu Hour 1.4 MB
13- Jaris & Tahira – I am Free  4.9 MB
14- Unknown – Not the End, The Eye  1MB
15- Devatma – Violin solo  3.0 MB
16- (Disast)Russ – Touching Your Heart 2.6 MB
17- Robbie – We Danced All Night 1.3 MB
18- Ellen – Bump In The Night  1.5 MB
19- Ryan – Stand Strong 1.3 MB
20- Erica – Come Gather Round  1.3 MB
21- Steve -People Of The Earth  6.9 MB
22- Cedar – Seed  2.5 MB

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One thought on “Wyoming 2008

  1. Zena Kent

    This is wonderful – brings tears to my eyes – hearing it first hand and knowing I’ll finally be able to go home this year – first time – been wanting to be able to go to a gathering for more than twenty years. Have been to several Barter Fairs in the Okanogan and so I know what family is all about. It’s so nice to be a part of something this beautiful.
    Peace and Love

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