Washington 2011

The 2011 Washington rainbow gathering was held in the Gifford Pinochet National Forest.

This years collection of field recordings includes 66 songs, poems and outtakes recorded at the 2011 Washington rainbow gathering held in the Gifford Pinochet National Forest near the towns of Carson and Cougar. Most of the songs and poems were recorded in the Granola Funk, Popcorner, Poly-Glamorous & What Have You neighborhood. After sorting through the audio I came up with a  2 CD set with 33 tracks on each disc.  As always, Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

It should be noted that many of the tracks on this years collection features the ambient sounds of food prep, theater construction, trail walking wanders, underwater hydrophone recordings (Aquarian Audio H1a Hydrophone), dish buckets, contact mic on cutting board and heartbeats, campfire ruminations and, of course, the frogs in and around Skookum Meadows.

It has been an interest of mine for some time to include more of the often forgotten sounds of our daily chores, comings and goings, and what have you. Recording at a gathering offers serendipitous and effervescent sound bites at almost any given moment and I was fortunate enough to discover some charming  and bucolic snippets from the various camps, kitchens, trails, forests and meadows.

From the vapors of our imagination to tomorrows memories, may this collection of mellifluous songs, poems and outtakes delightfully entertain your ears like the way a homemade vanilla milkshake engages joy upon your taste buds. DING! DING! DING!

Oh, and, be well, take care, peace, over n out and what have you…

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download CD 1 (ZIP) + Download CD 2 (ZIP) and Download Extras 2009-2013 (ZIP)

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01 Circling Around Big Creek  2.1 MB
02 The Glorious Darlings -Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow Tree  5.9 MB
03 Sound Of Frogs In Skookum Meadows  1.4 MB
04 Sound Of Sawing N Hammering Take 1  1.6 MB
05 Peter Pippin – Achy Breaky Heart   3.4 MB
06 Preparing To Fry Some Taters  1.5 MB
07 Sound Of Fryin’ Taters  1.2 MB
08 Sound Of Trolling The Fire  1.9 MB
09 Freedom – Three Raccoons In The Snow  16.2 MB
10 Sound Of Hydrophone In Big Creek Take 1 1.9 MB
11 Human – As I Walk Upon This Land   7.6 MB
12 Walkin’ By Water  1.5 MB
13 Fire Drums Take 1  2.5 MB
14 Jerome – Cycles  3.4 MB
15 Sound Of Sawing N Hammering Take 2  1.8 MB
16 Walkin’ Through Muddy Trail  2.2 MB
17 Choice & Guitar Mike – Why I’m Leaving You  6.8 MB
18 Cookin’ Up Some Eggs   2.6 MB
19 Contact Mic On Cutting Board  1.5 MB
20 David PDX – Skookum Meadows   3.3 MB
21 Sound Of Hydrophone In Big Creek Take 2  2.2 MB
22 Walkin’ Main Trail  2.1 MB
23 Osha – Just Right  3.9 MB
24 Sound Of Filling Water Jug Take 1  2.1 MB
25 Sound Of Pouring Water  1.1 MB
26 Contact Mic On Boiling Pot  1.4 MB
27 Sound Of Hydrophone In Soapy Dish Bucket  1.3 MB
28 Fire Drums Take 2  2.9 MB
29 Raina – Hoeing In Spring  2.8 MB
30 Granola Funk Dating Game House Band  2.3 MB
31 Froggies Near Crucial Kitchen  1.7 MB
32 Samantha – Found A Way To Talk To You  5.2 MB
33 Somewhere Over The Mega Rainbow   2.0 MB

01 Frogs Amongst The Skunk Cabbage 2.5 MB
02 Wade – You Are A Universe  7.3 MB
03 Sawing & What Have You  1.1 MB
04 Seed Camp At The Funk Take 1  1.7 MB
05 Roscoe – The Last Indian  3.2 MB
06 Sound Of The Heartbeat  908.9 KB
07 Seed Camp At The Funk Take 2  2.0 MB
08 Ooga Take 1  792.1 KB
09 Treat Me So Nice – Unknown  5.7 MB
10 Seed Camp At The Funk Take 3  3.1 MB
11 Fire Drums Take 3 2.3 MB
12 Rainbow The Musical – We Want Mayo  724.4 KB
13 Rainbow The Musical – Rainbow Filled The Sky  1.4 MB
14 Sound Of Filling Water Jug Take 2  1.3 MB
15 Fryin’ Up Some Taters In The Morn  1.2 MB
16 The Glorious Darlings – Stumble  7.9 MB
17 Sound Of People Workin’ In The Kitchen  2.1 MB
18 Boley – Color Me Bad  5.8 MB
19 Osha – If We Choose To  5.5 MB
20 Ooga Take 2  1.8 MB
21 Rich In Spirit – It’s All About The Ball  4.4 MB
22 Seed Camp At The Funk Take 4  1.7 MB
23 Fantuzzi – Hemp Hemp Hooray  1.2 MB
24 Cyphertrain – Jiggilin’ To The Boogie  4.4 MB
25 Joe – Semantics  5.0 MB
26 Seed Camp At The Funk Take 5  1.4 MB
27 J W – Hunger  4.2 MB
28 Cyphertrain – Bring Back The Boogie  5.0 MB
29 William – Short Poems  2.0 MB
30 Chip – Two Poems  3.3 MB
31 Nathan – The Sun Is Gonna Bring You Out  4.5 MB
32 Moon By You – Our Darlin’ Universe  4.8 MB
33 Frog Finale & A Question  1.3 MB


1. Adam – Maybell Collins Excerpts
2. Bee – Tree of Life
3. Billy Ryan – Leaving Desert
4. Bismark – Love Train
5. Cat Meow – The Time Has Come
6. Choppin’ Veggies – Chopping + Who Needs Cream
7. Cloud – Babylon System
8. Cloud – Time is Changin’
9. Crucial – Nyabinghi Session
10. Crude Outake – Suck
11. Frogs Froggin’ – Doing Frog Stuff
12. Gong Show Outake 1
13. Gong Show Outake 2
14. Kitchen Preppers – Preppin’ Food
15. Mixing Cake – Tongue is a Rutterless Ship
16. Naci – Bike Ride
17. Sub Dan – Blowtorch
18. Sub Dan – Hitchhiking Poem
19. Walkin’ the Walker – Walks Near Frogs


22 thoughts on “Washington 2011

  1. WanderingFlower

    Thank you so much for the music couldn’t make it home this year,but listening to this makes me feel like I’m home…=-)Lovin you!!!

  2. Perhaps a link to download an entire CD 1 and CD 2 would be great. I dont have time to do them one a t a time.Maybe a .Zip Thanks…


  3. ZIP is available.

  4. YAY!!! THANKS!!!

  5. Just love it!!! thanks sooo much!! I really wanted to make it but am stuck in France…The US embassy won’t let me
    get back!!!

  6. Awesome, can’t wait to get my taste! Thanks for all you do to get this out there.

  7. Was wondering if you would allow me to:

    1) Download the music
    2) Upload the music
    3) Put in my random radio playlist on RainbowGlowMedicine.com?
    4) I can if you like also include them in the listings.

    • ji9mijon i believe that tenali wouldnt mind hes kinda just a caretaker the music belongs to all family but a credit and link would be appreciated ..im not trying to answer for him but i believe that would be the answer hed give

  8. words cannot convey my gratitude to you for creating this soundtrack. every sound invokes an explosion of memories, tastes, smells and sensations in my body/mind. oh glorious joy. 🙂

  9. kare

    thanks for showing this world love.
    Elders please please stay and help guide us. words cant explain what the WA gathering accomplished in my spiritual journey

  10. Rik

    I’m new to the Rainbow family, meditation, drum circles, one love, loving my earthly mother, etc. I have been listening to these recordings and visualizing myself being there with you all. It’s so peaceful and happy. I want to attend the next one as it will be in my area (Kentucky) Peace be with you all.

  11. awol

    First off, thank you Tenali for the work you did! There was alot of performances that cold night in wa. I can recall so many not included on either of the zips. Sorry, specifically at “what have you” open mic night. I would love to hear the raw taping…i believe it was around 6 to 8 hous. I put my email address in the book and have been waiting for a link…maybe I found it already? Any left-overs? Thanks again brother
    Awol from pittsburgh

  12. What you are hearing is the “raw tapping”. There are probably a dozen recordings from the July 5th Open Mic night at Popcorner/What Have You. I would love to offer more material but it does take an insurmountable amount of time and work to produce 2 hours of recordings after sorting through over 14 hours of material.

    My goal is to offer a well produced and unique collection of songs, stories and poems regardless of personal tastes. I have no interest in merely taking every recording and sloppily putting together an unedited, incomplete, and scattered compilation.

    Take care


  13. Iani

    Thanks for doing this Mr. T

  14. Always a pleasure…

  15. Circus Maximus

    Hi Tenali,
    I was wondering if you had a chance to record any of Guitar Mikals songs this past year 2011? I just learned of his passing and as you know he wrote a new song this year called “Rodeo Clown”… I’m wondering if anyone has this song or any more of his music…
    ~Circus Maximus

    • Wow. How sad. I was not aware he passed away.

      I did record a song of his in WA but it is not the “Rodeo Clown”

      Here is the song from WA on CD 1
      17 Why I’m Leaving You – Choice & Guitar Mike 6.8 MB

      And I have a few more songs of his from preivous years as well. From Utah 2003
      Blue Sky – Guitar Mike & Da Color MC Nari 10.2MB
      Don’t You Cry For Me – Guitar Mike 7.2MB

      And one from New Mexico 2009
      All My Children – Guitar Mike 6.6MB

      All the best,

      • Circus Maximus

        Thank you so much for all that you do. This audio archive is so important and something that’s near and dear to my heart. I’ve messed around with amateur recordings of my own as many others have, but this collection in one place is such a wonderful resource! Blessed Be the sounds of magic that happen when we gather with joy in our hearts…
        Light and Love,


    • Circus Maximus

      I’ve very sorry to be the messenger of ths sad news… Guitar Mikal’s music will live on by Rainbow campfires as long as there are Rainbow campfires! He is Home now… I can’t wait to see him again!

  16. joe

    thanks tenali

  17. maisy ward

    thank you for bringing the sounds of home home((((((((hugs)))))))))

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