Utah 2014

Welcome to the mostly ambient soundscape recordings. The gathering was held in the Uinta Notional Forest near Heber City, Utah.

I didn’t recorded much at the gathering, but the ones herein are fairly unique.

~ The Sound Silent Tale ~

Sound what is it but henceforth it goes again
Slithering swooning singing sacred songs sung
Moves through us trickling like a brook made us look
It washes away the stones of the most hardened minds
One may feel as if they belong swaying to their favorite swoons
Ephemeral flutes pipe the forever tunes from many-a moons
Making shapes in shapeless cusps that’s here until it’s not
Breaking hearts in booming bombastic bassy juggernauts
Moving bones and melting blood washing away like the tide
Whispers and chants and all the sudden earthquakes it shakes
So goes the juggle of notes tossing and turning as it flakes
When we go onwards ever onwards so the sound surrounds
Then all of a suddenly out of nowhere threads silken harmony
Yes – verily – yes even sound knows from whence it came
Hush hush not even a whimper not even a flicker flame
You know the story you surely know this familiar scale
That silence birthed the sound on a wispy longing quiet trail
Sound waves and trills,”Trickles trickle so sings the spring.”
Silence silently says, ”Ripples and ripples see it through…”
Silence remains silent not because it has all the answers
But because it holds the sound when it dreams away in sleep


Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

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Download the complete recordings (ZIP) HERE

Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use. Enjoy!

  1. Bell Chime 1
  2. Bell Chime 2
  3. Bell Chime 3
  4. Bell Chime 4
  5. Breezy Aspen – Mbavaria Wind
  6. Bridge and Stream at Play
  7. Making Coffee on Propane Stove
  8. The Sipper – Birds & Coffee
  9. Walking to a Stream
  10. Wind Doth Blow
  11. Wind in Meadow


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