Utah 2003

Welcome to the 2003 addition of the rainbow family circus & tribal zoo field recording project.  This collection contains 2 CDs. Disk 1 has 11 tracks on it and Disk 2 has 12 tracks. Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

Utah is one of my favorite topographies in the continental US. It has some space age places and some lush high country. The gathering was held Near Mt View Wyoming in the Bridger Teton National Forest.  I believe our elevation was over 9000 ft. ans sure enough the unpredictable high country brought us a 3 or 4 day blizzard in the third week of June. Besides working hard to stay warm I had the opportunity to record during the chilly yet cozy nights around the campfire. Several of these songs come from those evenings.

The gathering certainly reminded me that you gotta give a little to get a little. It took all us working hard together to insure the safety of the community during the storm.  And for whoever lived through it the experiences such as a snow ball fight in late June is forever sketched into the deep reservoir of our memories. For me, those are the unexpected moments that a rainbow gathering has the potential to behold.  The following words were inspired from that luminous wintry experience.

Coming to call all the songs of jubilee
—hammering hammering hammering—
Strings and drums embracing the nights chill
—hammering hammering hammering—

To all the sleeping people in their sleeping houses
May the moon shine down on your dreams tonight
And if a candle flame awakens your head again
Open the window and let out all of your breath
For it will extend in open arms like wishes wings

Bunches of harmony caresses the sweet sweet milk
—hammering hammering hammering—
The road beckons to be built with sweat and silk
—hammering hammering hammering—

Chunks of stars rising in the new days churning soul
May the gaze of the sun bathe you in his breasts
And if the wonder allows some of mysteries truth
Take it as a sign and disregard the book of glue
And then arise in surprise like a resolve within you

hammering hammering hammering…
hammering hammering hammering…
hammering hammering hammering…

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download CD 1 (ZIP) and Download CD 2 (ZIP)

Donate to the project HERE.

CD 1

  1. Nada Bindu & Fukawi Orchestra – Trance Dance 6.0 MB
  2. Rocker T – Just to Be Alive  5.8 MB
  3. Loon – Softly 2.8 MB
  4. Sister Otis – Spiritual 4.5 MB
  5. Rocker T – Where Ever You Go 6.5 MB
  6. Guitar Mike & Da Color MC Narya – Blue Sky 10.8 MB
  7. PoDank – Sarsaparilla 5.2 MB
  8. Rocker T – Roots Medley 11.1 MB
  9. The Goddesses Coming Out of the Closet – Shaman Woman 5.6 MB
  10. Phillip – Get Connected 2.6 MB
  11. Sister Otis – Rolling Stone 3.9 MB

CD 2

  1. Rocker T – More Luv  5.4 MB
  2. Diamond Dave & Joni – Poetry > Deeper Love 6.2 MB
  3. Nada Bindu & Fukami Orchestra – Spiral 8.1 MB
  4. Sister Otis – Spirit Calls  2.7 MB
  5. Bobby & Kickapoons – Kickapoo 4.9 MB
  6. Guitar Mike – Don’t You Cry For Me 6.6 MB
  7. Rocker T – One More –4.9 MB
  8. PoDank – Beer Nar Neer  3.5 MB
  9. Stan – Talkin’ Blues 5.9 MB
  10. Diamond Dave & Human – Poem > Consumer 4.3 MB
  11. Nada Bindu & Aaron – What Is, What If, Whatever 2.2 MB
  12. Bobby & Kickapoons – Going Down the Road/Swing Low 7.6 MB 



2 thoughts on “Utah 2003

  1. some of these songs have saved my life many times since i first found them on a search for rainbow… thanks for holding them out to us for so long. i hope to go to go to another gathering in the future.

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