Tennessee 2012

The 2012 Tennessee rainbow gathering was held in the Cherokee National Forest.

Well, despite the intensity of the heat and humidity (it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity…) I managed to do some field recordings as much as the sweat allowed. This year collection features 23 (auspicious, eh?) songs, poems, and randoms primarily recorded in and around the Green Path/Granola Funk Theater and Tea Time/Kid Village neighborhoods.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in some way or another to the gathering. Without the dedicated efforts these recordings would never have been made. This goes to all the kitchens, main supply, water crews, and, well, you know who you are.

Be sure to check out the notes below the tracks. Some of them certainly require a little background. And there’s some ExTrAs included (updated/added 2019)

Check out this Cherokee tale

Front and back cover photos by Tina Kachina

tn cover

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Download the complete recordings (ZIP) HERE + Download Extras 2009-2013 (ZIP)

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  1. Whip-poor-will  1.5 MB
  2. Flint – Let It Shine  6.0 MB
  3. Stephen Wing – Wildlife Opening  3.6 MB
  4. Fungi & Dance Troupe – Looks Like A Winner 9.7 MB
  5. Trail Wandering Take 1  10.0 MB
  6. Unknown – Projected Imagery 4.0 MB
  7. Unknown – Flute Box  3.4 MB
  8. MJ – Water’s Calling Me  7.0 MB
  9. Nathan & Shine – Don’t Wanna Leave  6.2 MB
  10. Jonah – Kora Solo  4.2 MB
  11. 3 Year Old Plays Melodica In Coffee Camp  4.4 MB
  12. Bonobohobo’s 3 Ring Freak Show – Horney Hiney  4.4 MB
  13. Bonobohobo’s 3 Ring Freak Show – Lovin’ You  10.1 MB
  14. Flint – Open Your Eye  3.0 MB
  15. David – Petrichor  2.2 MB
  16. Terry – Above And Beyond  3.5 MB
  17. Thunder!  3.1 MB
  18. Sincerely Yours – Dreams  13.3 MB
  19. Bismark – Chaos 5.3 MB
  20. Terry – Pieces Of Silver  4.5 MB
  21. Trail Wandering Take 2  7.9 MB
  22. Flint & Alison – The Springtime Leaves Once Smiled And Giggled, But Now As The Days Are Longer And The Sun Shines Brighter They Cackle And Holler With Joy  6.0 MB
  23. Charmaine – Amazing Grace  7.4 MB

1. Cory – The Birds Versus Hwy 16
2. Danny – I Talk Slowly
3. Eden (10 years old) – Drum Kit Warm Up
4. Flint – Chapman Solo
5. JaBelle – Revival
6. Little Bor Ramble – The Story of the Ramble Rouser
7. Popcorner – Poppin’ Popcorn
8. Shanda Panda – I Love You
9. Solo – Solo Story Poem
10. Stephen Daniel – A Fairy Tale
11. Stephen Wing – Drum at the Confluence of Vision
12. Tenor Tenaynay – When U Think, I Shrink
13. Terry – My Bucket Got A Hole In It
14. The Really Randoms – As They Go
15. Tyler – A Thousand Roses
16. Unknown – Let Love Draw The Line (Alex Grey Poem)

  • Tracks 1, 5,11, 17, & 21
    Most years I try to add some oddities whenever I can. This year I was able to record a whip-poor-will near my tent, a raging thunderstorm backstage at Granola Funk on July 1st, a small child toying around with a Melodica while coffee is being made, and finally, after talking about it for years, I finally wandered around a wee bit and recorded sounds from the trail. The Rainbow Sound Bite Project has commenced…
  • Tracks 2, 14, & 22
    Flint performed at Granola Funk Theater on July 1st and the 4th. Normally, electronics are discouraged at a gathering, but exceptions are made when it comes to homemade creations. Flint plays a Chapman Stick and here you’ll here three exquisite recordings from his two performances.
  • Track 3, 6, 7, 15, & 19
    Since 2005, Diamond Dave has hosted an open mic/spoken word at Popcorner. He was not able to attend this year, but the tradition was carried on. It is always a pleasure to snuggle up by a fire for an evening of popcorn and poetry. The rain (mostly) scattered the night away. As a result of moist happenings, the attendance was smaller than previous gatherings. But it was sweet and intimate, nonetheless. This year I include four poems and a flute solo.
  • Tracks 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, & 22
    These tracks were recorded at the July 4th Variety Show at Granola Funk Theater. The Variety Show is an annual tradition at the gatherings. An eclectic evening of performances, featuring anything from a 4 year old boy telling a story to rustic and spontaneous musical performances and collaborations. This year, like no other before, had several people use a small battery pack amplifier in a few of these performances. A different sound for sure, but I think a few of the recordings do capture  some exceptional sounds. Folks from Faerie Camp added a few innovative and otherworldly pieces, of, um, strange music straight from the other side! Horny Hiney is, well, I don’t know what to say, he was draped in panty hose, and the music speaks for itself. The song Lovin’ You was performed in a Wound-Up Music Box costume. A whimsical, plot driven musical fantasy. Or something like that. The song is originally from the 1970s and was performed by Minnie Riperton. An aural oddity.
  • Track 16 & 20
    On the afternoon of July 5th I sitting beside the trail near Popcorner and Terry strummed a few country tunes. Pieces of Silver was written by Hank Williams  and Above and Beyond was written by Harlan Howard. In case you’re curious, you’ll hear a Forest Service ATV zoom on by during the intro of Pieces of Silver.
  • Track 23
    The old hymn, Amazing Grace, was led by Charmaine and it was the closing song at the July 4th Variety Show. Everyone gathered around, the lush voices and the hypnotic cicadas ooze with primal joy. A wonderfully beautiful thing occurred, as if we broke the walls of time, piercing from the earth to the stars above…Here’s to you and yours
    And to mine and ours.
    And if mine and ours
    Ever come across to you and yours,
    I hope you and yours will do
    As much for mine and ours
    As mine and ours have done
    For you and yours!

3 thoughts on “Tennessee 2012

  1. Hella Regenerate

    Hooray! That’s me, Hella Regenerate, the “Wound Up” Faerie. And just to make a small correction, we are the Bonobohobo’s 3 Ring Freak Show. Thanks for making an awesome recording! Someone said that there was a video…any leads? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the correction. I’ll update the notes. Not sure about any video.

    All the Best!

  3. lovin you!! lovin the family!! lovin the gathering!! ill be baaack!!

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