S’more Leftovers 2008-10

The Spring of 2011 is on the loose…

Mud & Rain…

Hummingbirds & Frogs…

Onions & Sage…

Wrens & Western Tanagers…

Columbines & Marigolds…

Potatoes & Garlic…

Deer & Mice…

Arugula & Chives…

Golden Eagles & Cats…

Kale & Thyme…

Turkey Vultures & Racer Snakes…

Chard & Tarragon…

Robins & Scrub Jays…

Spinach & Oregano…

And who can forget about the Lilacs…

But, mostly, Mud & Rain. The union of mud and rain creates an opportunity to sort through recordings. This particular compilation culls from  2008-10. It features songs, poems & outtakes that fell into the things-to-sort pile. Sifting through recordings is like a pleasant reminder how the past is never far and the future is not what it used to be.

Officially, this is the 23rd ‘rainbow family circus & tribal zoo’ CD compilation. It includes 22 songs, poems and outtakes culled from the shadows of the 2008 Wyoming, 2009 New Mexico, 2009/10 New Zealand, & 2010 Pennsylvania rainbow gatherings. There are several golden gems that lay dormant until now. May they carry you into the seasons ahead.  As always, enjoy the sounds, and Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download the complete S’Mores recordings (ZIP)

Donate to the project HERE.

  1. In A Meadow NM09 – Birds In Zee Afternoon 3.8 MB
  2. Clint PA10 – Alabama Jubilee 5.4 MB
  3. Unknown PA10 – Binderella Call  3.3 MB
  4. Gfunk House Band NM 09 – The Dance Chronicles…Something Is 3.4 MB
  5. By A Stream NZ09/10 – Waterwheel Can’t Handle It 2.5 MB
  6. Sweet People NM0 – Eating Sticky Buns From Lovin’ Ovens 9 7.9 MB
  7. Marco NM09 – Louise 5.9 MB
  8. Morning Silence PA10 – Guitar Solo At Gfunk 9.7 MB
  9. Unknown PA10 – ABC/ZYX Poems 6.0 MB
  10. The Random Jams NM09 – One Of Those Late Night Kitchen Jams 7.5 MB
  11. The Tent Dweller NM09 – Rain On Tent Prior To Shut Eye 3.1 MB
  12. Gfunk House Band NM09 – The Dance Chronicles…Na Na Na 6.3 MB
  13. Chattin’ People NM09 – Thoughts Into Sounds Like Kitchen Talk 6.8 MB
  14. Shanda Panda PA10 – We Are The Womb 6.0 MB  
  15. Some Guy PA10 – I’s & Me’s & You’s & We’s  4.7 MB
  16. Jaris WY08 – We Make The Choice 9.2 MB
  17. Tent Dweller NM09 – Another Rain On Tent Prior To Shut Eye 2.5 MB
  18. Marco NM09 – Sun Comes Up  8.5 MB 
  19. Moon By You – Wanderin’ Wonderin’ 5.6 MB
  20. Tent Dweller NM09 – Lighter Rain On Tent Oh So Close To Sleep 7.9 MB
  21. Unknown WY08 – Hold On 7.3 MB
  22. The Forest Edge NM09 – S’more Afternoon Birds & Then Some 6.2 MB
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