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Welcome to Camp Don’ttouchyourthingtothething or sometimes known as this year’s collection of field recordings from the 2017 Oregon annual rainbow gathering. It was held near the town of John Day, Oregon in the Malhuer National Forest.

Once again, Kristen and I set up Story Glory, which is a place where folks could stop by and share sounds, songs, stories, poems, rants, rambles, riddles, rhymes, editorials, tutorials, memorials, complaints, blessings, prayers, incantations, yodels, what ifs, and other what nots (for the full Story Glory wish list listen HERE). The place/camp is a Gome Tent, where we set up a recording studio in the woods, if you will. Since we were not located on a main thoroughfare, it was less active than the previous year in Vermont. Instead, we focused on mobile recording, primarily in the trees behind the tent, near Rough & Ready kitchen.

Given the environment, it is likely I mistitled or uncredited a track so please contact me with a correction.

To assist you with your listening adventure(s), I have organized this year’s recordings by camp. Scroll away to find 108 songs, stories, poems, jokes, and what have you. Thanks to everyone who shared/has shared to this ever growing archive.

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I offer a poem to you, me, and we..

~~~~~~~~~ Tangles Strings On A Bean ~~~~~~~~

 We strive to become better writers of the written word
To loose upon this world the tongues of the scarlet mind
In an attempt to outwit the perils of dull dungeon dooms
We reach for the holy ink to enrapture in a triumphant wink
For the halcyon days we herald in these days that seemingly go by
Are saturated with splotches of divinities oxymoronic ephemeral
And who here can ever truly believe the seeker with timeless cries
That embodies the tricks of the trade for anyone who tells the tale
Of when the day gives birth to the decorative eyes of the night
Or when the nonsense of salvation becomes the anointed longing
Thrust upon the dusts of all the bones in our sacred heart
Like almonds that pledge their gems in spite of everything
Sweet rewards like the the prince of peace amongst life’s nectarines
Brought forth the apple basket bearing gifts from ten thousand tribes
All the myths abound in the galaxies of whatever we choose
So these words which go to the witch that is no witcher
Far away in the ether floats the riddle that has no stitcher
I seek of you what you seek in me though the seek seems unseen
In this voyage on the uncertain sea like tangled strings on a bean


Photo by Kristen Blinne

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Download the complete recordings (ZIP) HERE

Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use. Enjoy!


Story Glory (June 30th – July 5th)

  1. Aslan – Water
  2. Clouds – Gathering
  3. Cyphertrain Sillyness Takey Take 1
  4. Cyphertrain Sillyness Takey Take 2
  5. David – Wayward Wind
  6. Emerald Otter – Animal Noise (Monkey)
  7. Emerald Otter – Song, Story, Poem 1
  8. Emerald Otter – Song, Story, Poem 2
  9. Emerald Otter & Pedro – The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
  10. Forest – Seen Anything Strange Out Here
  11. Freya – Sherpa Complaint
  12. Jason – Blessed Be
  13. Jason – Hymn To Pan
  14. Jason – Hymn To Venus (De Rerum Natura)
  15. Joe – Not My Time
  16. Joe- I’m Over Me
  17. Jon – Dornoch Highland Gathering & Angus MacKinnon
  18. July 5th Open Mic Circle Share
  19. Kristen – Live Learn Listen Love
  20. Kristen – Story Glory Wish List
  21. Mauze & Shams – I Told Them All About You
  22. Mauze & Shams – I’ll See You In My Dreams
  23. Mauze & Shams – Lady Be Good
  24. Miguel – Revolucion
  25. Opia – Infinite
  26. Opia & Joe- Making It Up
  27. Opia & Joe & Tenaynay – Makin It Hum
  28. Owen – A Girl & Her Doll
  29. Owen – Banana Butthole Face
  30. Owen – Jokes
  31. Owen – The Brevity Of This Land
  32. Owen – The Cyclops And The Girl
  33. Owen – The Horror of the Sleepover
  34. Owen – The Monster & The Hiccup Frog
  35. Pedro – Csárdás
  36. Pedro – It Belongs To You
  37. Pedro – Vos De
  38. Raining Logic – Sound Sounds One Point O
  39. Raining Logic – Sound Sounds Two Point O
  40. Rowen – La Corazon
  41. Rowen – La Reina
  42. Rowen – Little Red Riding Hood
  43. Rowen – Not A Genie
  44. Rowen – Two Amigos
  45. Satori – A (Sour) Scary Story
  46. Satori – Knock Knock
  47. Satori – Poop Wedding
  48. Satori & Owen – Two Knock Knocks
  49. Shams – Chimpanzees
  50. Shams – Ease My Mind
  51. Shams – Stew Song
  52. Shams – Walking My Troubles Away
  53. The Teafaerie – Mapping The Source
  54. The Teafaerie – Carrying The Light
  55. Unknown – 1978 New Mexico Rainbow

Rough & Ready (Early July)

  1. Fried Rice
  2. Hanz – Ain’t That Skippin and Flyin
  3. Hanz – Bucky Fuller (East Virginia Blues)
  4. Hanz & Shams – Bully On The Town
  5. Hanz & Shams – Green River Blues
  6. Hanz & Shams – Hitch Me To Your Buggy And Drive Me Like A Mule
  7. Hanz & Shams – Lonely One In This Town
  8. Hanz & Shams – Low Down Dog Blues
  9. Jasper & Pedro – Gypsy Fantastic (Almost Stung By Bee
  10. Jasper & Pedro – I’ll See You In My Dreams
  11. Jasper & Pedro – Si Tu Savais
  12. Jasper & Pedro – Swing Gitan
  13. Jasper & Pedro – Tzigane Skia
  14. Quicksand & Flame – Caged Birds
  15. Quicksand & Flame – So Easy
  16. Quicksand & Flame – Yes No Maybe
  17. W Blake Derby – Kahoha
  18. W Blake Derby – What She Does
  19. W Blake Derby – Yesterday’s Rock
  20. W Blake Derby – Breaking My Heart

Granola Funk (July 1st & July 4th)

  1. Carlos & Star – Joking Jokes
  2. Charlee – Race Against Time
  3. Cowboy & Zach – Song
  4. Dan – Standing Rock
  5. Drew All – Meditation
  6. Gfunk July 4th Variety Aum
  7. Gfunk Shitter PSA
  8. Hanz & Shams – Green River Blues (GFunk)
  9. Louise – Ebola Song
  10. Mj – Akiwowo
  11. Quicksand & Flame – Caged Birds (Gfunk)
  12. Reconnect – Words Wisely
  13. Yights – Illusion

Tea Time (July 3rd)

  1. Glowing Rambles
  2. Jon – Tea Time Bagpipe Wedding Pre Ceremony
  3. Jon – Tea Time Bagpipe Wedding Opening
  4. Jon – Tea Time Bagpipe Wedding Closing
  5. Tea Time Wedding Horns

In The Field (Late June/Early July)

  1. Birds & Breeze
  2. Close Water Line Distant Drums 1.0
  3. Close Water Line Distant Drums 2.0
  4. Close Water Line Distant Drums 3.0
  5. Crickets Cricketing
  6. Evening Wind
  7. Flagtail Creek
  8. Morning Stroll
  9. Music Box Wind Through Trees
  10. Rain Tarp Thunder
  11. Tantalizing Tiger – Meadow Muse
  12. Thunder Chipmunk Birds
  13. Thunder Long Time
  14. Thunder Rain Bird
  15. Tickle Tator – Ponderosa Drone

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