New Zealand 2009/10

You may be seekin’ the field holler, the olio or the minstrel.
Or you may be seekin’ the baroque, the madrigal or the spiritual.
Or maybe you are seekin’ the animate, the inanimate, or simply the work song
Or perhaps you may even be seekin’ the tin pan alley, the jazz or the good ol’ rock n roll…Well whatever it is you seek, it all gets in there somewhere in this mini collection of this, that and what have you…

I am ,of course, talking about roughly 30 minutes of recordings made at the 2009 slash 2010 New Zealand World Rainbow Gathering held from new moon December 16th to new moon January 15th. A snippet it may be, nonetheless, it still is the 22nd addition of the ongoing Rainbow Family Circus & Tribal Zoo compilation project(Or perhaps 21st and a half is a proper title). ‘Tis is what it is, and what it is you will choose depending upon your mood. For opinions are like fingernails and from one day to the next we can never dissect.

Take it all in your listenin’ ears and whatever it is that you wish
For even if your wish is not granted unless its a fish
Or even if your wish is not granted unless its a dish
A fish on a dish is that what you wish?
Well, the earth, water, fire, and air
Met together in a garden fair
Put in a basket bound with skin
If you answer this riddle
You will never begin…

The gathering was held from new moon December 16th to new moon January 15th.

Tracks 1,5 & 9 were recorded near a creek that had an irreverent water wheel doing its thingamajig.

Tracks 2,4,6,8 & 10 are a variety of limericks, stories, mind benders and songs performed by the unicycle juggler from Tasmania named Sagra.

Track 3 was recorded at the Bakery behind the stoves and oven. The bakery held a revolving door of names including Fuck 1080 White Trash Black Sheep Bakery & Rawhide Cafe, Whatever It Is, I’m Against It Bakery and Whatever You Are Doing, Its All Wrong Bakery. There may have been more names but I can’t remember.

Track 7 was recorded at the main circle where participants convened each day for communal meals, songs and spontaneity. In this recording you can hear pre-dinner circle singing, gaiety from doing the wave, and the traditional OM.

Track 11 was recorded by Firas in the main circle.

Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.


Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download (ZIP)  + Download Extras 2009-2013 (ZIP)

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01 The Water Wheel Opens It Up, POW! 11.3 MB
02 Sagra – Agriculture Song & Mona  4.6MB
03 From Behind The Oven  1.2MB
04 Sagra – The Bastard From The Bush  5.1 MB
05 The Water Wheel & Robbin Moorehouse Checkin’ It Out  3.2 MB
06 Sagra – Crap Happy Pappy, A Windmill & The Architect  2.9 MB
07 The Night Of The Sacred & Profane (The Two Fire Main Circus) AKA Scared Sacred   12.4 M
08 Sagra – The True Calendar & A Bee Or A Wasp  3.7MB
09 The Water Wheel & Robbin Moorehouse Took Too Much  2.1MB
10 Sagra – Farm Reprise, A Bloody Rotten Audience & Not Gonna Play Bob Dylan   23.2MB
11 Isaac  – Banjo Solo 8.9 MB


1. Jawin’ Jack – Jaw Harp
2. Mystery Merry McMack – Kanhurura
3. Nameless Namer – Shanje
4. Obscured Oscar – Kariga Mombe

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