Muddy Boots

Welcome to the Muddy Boots Radio Archive Page

I host a radio show called Muddy Boots featured on KFOK Community Radio in Georgetown,CA and occasionally on the community station KVMR in Nevada City,CA. The show airs every Tuesday from 4-6pm(PST) and you may stream it by following the link above. I will feature some rainbow field recordings from time to time so tune in if you have a chance.

Muddy Boots will wander where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our communities. Tune in to hear ’20s &’30s jazz, blues and old time, field recordings from the campfire, the random whimsical, and the rare and not so rare.

OK, onwards we go to the collection.. All the shows presented are available to stream and/or download. There will be more to come so stay tuned. Enjoy!

Click to play and if you want to download a show, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

1. I was a guest host on The Other Side on KVMR March 13th, 2012 from 8-10pm PST                                                                            “Weeeeeeeee!!!'”
Off we go to the tree house in the sky full of jump rope songs, nursery rhymes, folk songs, tongue twisters, ring games, eefing, 1920s & 30s, and more! Come out, come out, wherever you are and join guest host Tenali as he explores the imagnarium of childhood, wonder and awe. Weeeeeeeee!!! Hour 1 & Weeeeeeeee!!! Hour 2

2. I was a guest host on The Other Side on KVMR  January 10th, 2012 from 8-10pm PST
“Lay Down On Your Belly” 01/10/12
Step right up and lend an ear to the other side of the blues and roots music. Join guest host Tenali on a musical carousel featuring one man bands, obscurities, hoodoo, medicine show acts, & more! In other words, a mulligans stew of snake oil, hustlers, hambones, Kickapoo juice, mule sweat & collard greens.  Lay Down On Your Belly Hour 1  &  Lay Down On Your Belly Hour 2 

3. I was a guest host on The Other Side on KVMR  March 27th, 2012 from 8-10pm PST                                                                                       “Sometimes A Saint & Sometimes A Sinner”
From the moonlit debauchery to the kneel down and pray. Or perhaps from the raunchy excess to the Glory Glory Halla-Lu-Yahs. Well, we have all struggled with this moral pendulum at some point or another in our lives. Join guest host Tenali as he swings back and forth through these worlds with the help of the good ol´roots and blues music from yonder. Saints & Sinners Hour 1 & Saints & Sinners Hour 2

4. Muddy Boots special: 04/10/12 (10p-Midnight): KVMR in Nevada City,CA:
This special show is called ‘The Wandering Menagerie’ and for two hours guest host Tenali explores and evokes the animal kingdom through songs, sounds and snippets. Fun stuff! The Wandering Menagerie Hour 1 & The Wandering Menagerie Hour 2

5.  Excerpts from the Muddy Boots show including selected tracks from my buddy Firas. A sort of musical field trip to the land of the warm and fuzzy. Hour+ 11/09/11

6. Another addition of the warm n fuzzy theme. Toss a log on the fire, grab a warm drink, and relax your mind. 12/20/11 Hour 1 12/20/11 Hour 2

7. The final installment  into the land of the warm n fuzzy. Twirl a globe and see where we go! 12/27/11 Hour 1 & 12/27/11 Hour 2

8.  Muddy Boots 11/22/11 (another auspicious date…) This is the first show I recorded and archived. Featuring the legendary performer Baby Gramps, as well as, several 78s tossed on by guest hosts Shaney and Karla. 11/22/11 w/ Baby Gramps Hour 1 & 2

9.  Oh, this has nothing to do with radio but thought I would add it here anyway. A collection of field recordings from various rainbow gatherings from around the world, as well as, field recordings from the streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. I edited, mixed, messed around with and produced these recordings into a sort of sound collage. For better or worse here are 3 of those experiments which were used in a Butoh performance entitled ‘K’ . The performance was presented on Jan. 26th and 27th, 2007 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Nuyurican Cafe. Oddly enough the performance was the opening act for a salsa band.

1. a)getting’ there

2. b) tongue

3. san talking

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