Montana 2000

Welcome to the 1st edition of the rainbow family circus & tribal zoo field recording project. The name was a humorous definition of the gathering by long time rainbow, Frenchy. I now call the project Sounds from the Rainbow, but for some context and posterity, I will use the original title on occasion throughout the site. The Montana gathering was held near the town of Jackson, Montana, in the Beaverhead National Forest.  I had purchased the recording equipment several months prior to the gathering and I was slowly figuring out how to position myself  in a complex environment as recording around a campfire,  walking on the trails, in windy conditions or huddled near center stage at Granola Funk Theater often presents an unexpected challenge.

When I began to sort through the recordings I realized at that point I was knee deep into this project. Now over ten years later I am still at it and the opportunity to record in such a spontaneous and adventurous environment is what keeps me going. We live in exciting and uncertain times(aren’t we always?) and the warmth, joy, exuberance, and wonder that is evoked around the campfire is becoming even more unique and distinctive in today’s world.

I hope to offer a small glimpse of the magic that may be bestowed in these recordings. Jeweled nuggets of sound that sometimes appear as if they are about to fall apart. Some do. Although I do think you will find that many hold together and rise to the occasion to delight our ears. And sometimes it is the sounds in the background, the laughter, the crickets, the sneezing, the distant drums or what have you, that decorate even the simplest of songs in a way that you just can’t capture in a recording studio. OK, enough already.

This collection  contains 2 CDs. Disk 1 has 15 tracks and Disk 2 has 15 tracks. Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

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Click to play and when you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

CD 1

  1. Various – Walkabout/Drum Boogie  7.3 MB
  2. Kid Village Jazz Band – All Blues  6.7 MB
  3. Rich – Jah Jah  2.8MB
  4. Wild Thing – Fall  2.1 MB
  5. Colonel Crust – If I Could Be In Dixie  2.5 MB
  6. Groove Camp – Bring It Home 3.1 MB
  7. Shambala – Living In Bliss 9.2 MB
  8. Sasha Butterfly – Spirit Take Me Home  5.6 MB
  9. Double Dose – These Are The Times 2.4 MB
  10. Stilts – Guitar & Melodica 1.7 MB
  11. Nada Bindu – Oud & Tar  5.7 MB
  12. Nada Bindu – Chant #1 5.6 MB
  13. Various Granola Funk – Orisha Chant 3.1 MB
  14. Unknown – Song Needs A Title 3.7 MB
  15. Bear – Walk Your Own Road  3.2 MB

CD 2

  1. Double Dose – Y’all Come 2.3 MB
  2. Kid Village Band – Improv 6.9 MB
  3. Bear – Rainbow In My Mind 3.1 MB
  4. Colonel Crust – Little Green Men 2.8 MB
  5.  MJ – Love Is Divine 5.2 MB
  6. Fantuzzi – Universal Lover 5.0 MB
  7. Various Granola Funk – Mother 4.1 MB
  8. Nada Bindu  – OM Song 7.9 MB
  9. Nada Bindu – Chant #2  13.0 MB
  10. Ariana w/ Double Dose – Bringers Of The Dawn  4.8 MB
  11. Heron & Rebecca – Weave a Web 4.6 MB
  12.  Dem Der Crickets  – Crickets 950.5 KB
  13. Random – Kalimba & Flute 2.2 MB
  14. Phillip & Kid Village – We’re A Rainbow  2.7 MB
  15. Groove Camp – Secret To A Long Life  3.0 MB

2 thoughts on “Montana 2000

  1. Blessings Be! This is beautifully done! My heart fills with gratitude for your lovely contribution. I’m hoping you are in Tennesse as I’m writing this, getting that one, too. I shared you with my friends on Facebook. Love n’ Light! : ) Keeper

  2. hey brother
    i notice it still says “the ability to doewnload as a zip coming soon” and has for a very long time you know websites is what i do web communities i have several wordpress sites too i could do this zip download option in like 2 minutes flat if u ever need any help with anything brother just let me know

    lovin you and would be more then happy to help out in any way at any time
    your recordings have brought me thousands of hours of joy
    so i owe you at least a few hundred hiurs of helping ya out around here


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