Michigan 2002

Welcome to the Michigan 2002 collection of field recordings. The gathering was held near the town of Bruce Crossing in the Ottawa National Forest. A few of my fondest memories are of the bullfrogs at Sucker Creek and the mud sculptures that several people carved into the mud that graced the ATV trail that was used as the main trail. A sample of the frogs is featured at the beginning of the song Mother Land(track 1 CD 2) and a recording made while sitting by the sculptures called Buffalo Road can also be heard.

This collection contains 2 CDs. Disk 1 has 12 tracks and Disk 2 has 11 tracks. Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

A Loon’s song is like a peaceful wand
Stretched twilight to the worlds beyond

A box of sunlight and a bow of moon glow
Scattered about upon the travelers road

Bullfrogs croak like a wandering goat
Painting sounds on a star hung night

Tat Ta Tat, Tat Ta Tat & Tat Ta Tat
Tat Ta Tat, Tat Ta Tat & Tat Ta Tat

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

Download CD 1 (ZIP)  &  Download CD 2 (ZIP)

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CD 1

1.   Rocker T – Coming Home > Ganja Man  6.8 MB
2.   Dundun Village – Marimba & Drums  5.0 MB
3.   Gabriela – Napoli  3.9 MB
4.   House of David – One is the Power 4.6 MB
5.   Jaris – Maybe Someday 3.8 MB
6.   Raccoon – Buffalo Road 5.8 MB
7.   Alyssa – Strength  5.1 MB
8.   Curtis – Rebirth 3.5 MB
9.   Rocker T – Two of Us 6.3 MB
10. Gabriela – Take Care of Yourself 4.3 MB
11.  Yusef – Chant For Peace  5.3 MB
12.  Rocker T – Babylon is Burning 6.3 MB

CD 2

  1. Shanti – Mother Land 4.0 MB
  2. Rocker T  – Rainbow Country 3.9 MB
  3. Double Dose – New Day Sun 8.4 MB
  4. Drum Brothers – Gumbo Rhythm  5.2 MB
  5. Shanti – Paz 5.6 MB
  6. Rocker T – Free Da Herb Medley 7.4 MB
  7. The Gypsies – Iko Iko Medley 5.9 MB
  8. Gabriela – I’ll Show You Mine 3.9 MB
  9.  Double Dose – Song for Valentine 6.7 MB
  10. Osha – Grow 5.8 MB
  11. Dundun Camp – More Drums  11.8 MB


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