Idaho 2001

The Idaho 2001 gathering was held near the town of Stanley, Idaho in the beautiful Boise National Forest. Big wide sky and a big wide meadow gave our eyes and feet something to behold. This was my second year experimenting with field recording at rainbow. I was still working out the kinks of using new equipment and I was still acquiring ideas in what direction I wanted to take with this project. Basically, I was making it up as I went along and looking back I see that I have polished a few things in how I record, edit and compile. And to this day it continues to be an unexpected wonder to dive into recording as you just never know what kind of beautiful sounds might occur around the kitchens, the trails, the forest, the meadows and the campfire.

This collection contains 2 CDs. Disk 1 has 13 tracks and Disk 2 CD has 12 tracks. Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

Click to play and when you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

The option to download the albums as a ZIP is coming soon…

CD 1

  1. Happy Song – Assholier Than Thou 3.2 MB
  2. Unplug Your TV – Joosh 5.2MB
  3. Thank You – CA Random 3.3MB
  4. Trippin’/Dumpster Diver – Raccoon 3.9 MB
  5. Malaguena – Henry The Fiddler 1.9 MB
  6. Greasy Buck – Sasha & Patrick 2.6 MB
  7. Jah Everlasting – Rocker T 5.7 MB
  8. Freestyle/Story – Free Flowing Freaky Family 10.3 MB
  9. Meatball – Tim 3.2 MB
  10. I Feel Good – Assholier Than Thou 2.9 MB
  11. KGB – Brother Acoustic Pink 2.5 MB
  12. Love Is A Story – Chal 6.4 MB
  13. Ring Your Bell – Raccoon 6.8 MB

CD 2

  1. Fire Is Burnin’ – Steve 3.8 MB
  2. Responsibility – Sister Otis 3.4MB
  3. Nazi Punks Fuck Off – Assholier Than Thou 2.1 MB
  4. Whispers – Cancer Moon 5.0 MB
  5. Womb Of The Earth – Unknown 2.6 MB
  6. Uncle Don’t Allow – Mockingbird 3.1 MB
  7. Free From Fear – Velocity Mountain 4.9 MB
  8. We Are Strong – Sasha Butterfly 2.9 MB
  9. Jah Is Luv – Rocker T 4.0 MB
  10. No Woman/Snot – Gabriela 7.6 MB
  11. Rainbow Way – Henry The Fiddler 6.1 MB 


4 thoughts on “Idaho 2001

  1. Gabby A.

    Awesome music, I’ve thanked you many times for this, but here it goes again: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! transports me to the forest to a happy Rainbow gathering 🙂

  2. memories…. btw the links to ‘unplug your tv and thankyou’ have been broken.

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