Colorado 2006

The 2006 Colorado gathering was held near the town of Clark, CO in Routt National Forest. If someone did an astrological chart I think they would call it the year of the pirate. Was it the after effect of volunteer relief efforts that many participated in after Hurricane Katrina ? Was it the heavy presence of aggressive Police? Was it the air? The Altitude? The mountains? Or perhaps all the pine smoke from the campfires? Hard to say but either way the ancestral pirates channeled through the rainbow gathering in oh so many ways. Their old time wisdom was evoked playfully throughout our cosmic days and our many ways. Or at least that is what the Captain tells me, matey! He’s a bit gruff, but he sure loves to speak with the tongue of the new age. The phenomenon of arrr loosed its tongue into the daily rituals (supply runs, cooking,etc) of the gathering. Even the morning birds were not immune to the “Arrr…”

OK, so there arrre 31 songs and poems for your enjoyment as you spend shore leave on the Internet. So relax your wooden leg and ease into the comfort within this ever-changing universe.

I would like to offer this compilation in gratitude to all the dedicated volunteers who spent time working in a variety of Relief Kitchens and other causes helping the folks in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Y’all rock!!!

This collection contains 2 CDs. Disk 1 CD has 16 tracks and Disk 2 has 15 tracks. Pass Freely, No Sale or Commercial Use.

Click to play and if you want to download a song, right click and choose: “Save Link As…”

or Download CD 1 (ZIP) and Download CD 2 (ZIP)

CD 1

  1. Ariana Sahara – Guru Strotam 7.4 MB
  2. Brandon – Cello Solo 3.7 MB
  3. Sara – Reading of a Hafiz poem 3.0 MB 
  4. Jaris & Gfunk House Band – Together 8.1 MB 
  5. Hadley – Chant&Marimba 3.1 MB 
  6. Fantuzzi – Yemaya 6.4 MB
  7. Tofu Sue – Earth is the Gspot of the Galaxy 3.5 MB 
  8. Human – Dont Blame Me I Voted For Willie 4.7 MB 
  9. Bojangles – Wheels Of Motion 2.2 MB 
  10. Shandapanda – Will Of Jah 4.2 MB 
  11. Shiner – The Innocent To The Innocent 6.9 MB 
  12. The Gypsies – Balalaika 7.3 MB 
  13. Bolero – Hadley  4.0 MB 
  14. Henry The Fiddler – Over The Rainbow 1.7 MB 
  15. Bear & Bird – Freedom 3.5 MB 
  16. Diamond Dave – Support The People 1.3 MB

CD 2

  1. Brandon – Cello Solo 2  3.1 MB 
  2. Human – Communicate 6.5 MB 
  3. Free Range Pickers – Jig  2.1 MB
  4. MC She – Some Words for Rainbow  3.3 MB 
  5. Fantuzzi – Spirit Of Love 6.3 MB
  6. Human – Don’t Ignore 7.4 MB 
  7. Ariana Saraha  – Jai Ambe Jagadambe 8.9 MB
  8. Jasmine  – Women Are Like Trees 2.4 MB 
  9. Brandon – Cello Solo 3  4.3 MB
  10. Double Dose – Everything Is Nothing  7.7 MB 
  11. Everyone! – Trippin’ Rainbow  4.7 MB
  12. Bojangles – I Am Electrified  2.9 MB 
  13. David – Touch You Like That 2.8 MB 
  14. Joosh – Rocky Mountain High  5.0 MB
  15. Diego  – We Were Born To Love You 6.4 MB
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