Welcome Home to Sounds from the Rainbow

“The essence of America lies not in the headlined heroes…but in the everyday folks who live and die unknown, yet leave their dreams as legacies.” ―Alan Lomax

Featured within this site are a collection of field recordings I have made at a variety of rainbow gatherings over the last 19 years or so. There are over 1300 songs, poems, sounds, snippets, and stories for you to listen to and/or download. They are live, rustic, and spontaneous recordings made out in the forests of the world. More often than not, they were recorded in a rugged and unpredictable environment – each of these tracks are a one source recording and no additional studio elements have been added.  Feel free to listen to, download and/or share these recordings, but please ― No Sale or Commercial Use.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the recordings and to the project itself.  If you have any info to add, corrections to make, curious about the recording gear used, have comments to share, then I encourage you to email me at: tenalilight@gmail.com

Donate to the project HERE.

I am the Host and Producer of a radio show and podcast, Muddy Boots. On occasion, I air an episode called Totally High Holy Rainbow-Coloured Spirit Hawk of Awakened Manifestation. It’s comprised entirely of rainbow gathering field recordings. Listen to Part I and Part II. Parts III,  IV, and V are on on the aforementioned and linked Muddy Boots page.

It should also be noted that on the California 2004, Mexico 2005, Panama 2005, West Virginia 2005 & Colorado 2006 compilations I added some random outtakes at the end of each track (when CDs were still a thing). This consists of anything from campfire conversations, trail side sound bites, birds, etc. Perhaps it could be more appropriately known as the rainbow extemporaneous sound collage. Either way, it was an opportunity to connect each track by utilizing the surplus material, so pay no mind if they don’t fade out properly.

To listen to/download more field recording music made at rainbow gatherings: 1998 Arizona by Hawker and 1981 Washington

Like any field recording, anything and everything may find its way into the song, story or poem. In essence, they are a shovel full of sound decorated with embers, shouts for wood, mud, laughter, hopes, dreams, profane bleach, sacred tarps, hazy eyes, spoon ladles, garlic, crooked tents, smelly crystals, silty fingernails, magic fires, knotted tongues, happy griddles, sacks of flour, propositions of anything, slippery smiles, interstellar oatmeal mush, hands upon hands upon hand wash, circling circled circles, lost thoughts, coffee grounds, genuine soot, fragrant compost, phantom trails, 6up thrills, Klaus Nomi but probably not, sometimes moose, rumors with a mission, kitchens gone mad, kitchens gone glad, water line spines, tobacco lust, white rabbit chants, changing chain gang trenches, whispering whispers, theatrical spatulas, shouting mountains, moistened clouds, sedated rest stops, itchy heads, rambling babble, transient MCs, localized focalized focus, wolf man syndromes, frolicking faeries, ragtag robes, hodge-podge clothes, not quite ready berries, standing firm trees, busy buzzing bees, reenactments, damp musky teas, sharing of things, questioning knees, chattering teeth, fuzzy warmth, slimy toes, careful carabiners, sizzling saws, boo-boo gauze, painted whippersnappers, pit stop patrols, hanging hammocks, musical benches, infinite rice, snickering evening, campfire whispers, rocking rocket stoves, singsong along, shitter diggin’, broadening meadows, crawling creeks, noble chocolate, bustling ovens, wheeling wheel barrels, got a cigarette gnomes, important bowls, precious cups, birdsong morn, boom boom drums, glittery stares, achy backs, cosmic talk, cardboard signs, churning prophecies, massaging muscles, huggy hugs, nomadic palaces, slow moving buses, raining rainbows, daydream waters, invisible networks and of course free food with an occasional full moon to carry the whole thing along.

Yupper, it all gets in there somewhere…

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  1. You’ve captured my mind in a nut shelling gauze. I’m an old soul nubie at KVMR who wishes you were a mentor so I could be an intern to surprise you. May the ladies bless you, and the gods impress you, and in between find some time for lucid dreaming. Thanks for the trip. Contact me, a visual artist gone rogue for sounds. Living in the now is being open to surrealism. Cheers without fears!

  2. we love you so, tenali! never stop doing what you do how do it, please, more more more! all are welcome at ripple ranch, call 14068260015 otter and bird

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